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What you need to know about permits and inspections?

A permit is obtained as a way for the city to ensure the quality and craftsmanship of your home improvement project. A permit is required for all home renovation or remodeling projects above $500. However pulling a permit is not always necessary. For instance if you are just repainting your interior walls it is not required. This is why it is best to have a licensed contractor pull a permit for you as they will know the exact city requirements for your area and ensure everything is done up to code and regulations. Permits are certainly needed for a variety of home improvement projects and are required in a full bathroom remodel, full kitchen remodel or full house renovation.

The permitting process begins with a city application. Applications involve a detailed explanation of each step involved in the home improvement project, and usually will require floor plans and structural plans. In order to obtain a permit from your city,You will need to purchase your permit and pay a permit fee. The cost of a permit will vary based on the size and scale of your home remodeling or renovation, as well as the project price. Only an owner builder or a licensed general contractor may pull a permit. If the home renovation or remodeling project includes replacement and/or new installation of a main service line such as an electric service panel, there will also need to be permits lodged with your appropriate service provider.

Once a permit is issued, the construction phase can begin. When the work is completed by the licensed professional, an inspection is called for. The city inspector will then come to inspect the work and ensure that all codes and regulations are met by your contractor. Once all inspections are passed and the final is completed, your home improvement project, remodel or renovation is at an end. It is important to obtain a copy of the inspection card for your records.

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