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    The Red White & Blue Construction team has successfully executed numerous design build projects in Lafayette, CA and the surrounding Bay Area. Our passion for craftsmanship has brought hundreds of homeowners’ visions to life. With one-on-one design consultations, we are dedicated to providing a customized approach to being a full-service residential contractor.

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    Quality you can feel

    We understand that undertaking any home remodeling or renovations project is a huge investment. This is why we take great care to ensure that our in-house designers create a space that best suits your unique needs. When planning a bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel or full house remodel, how you will use your living space is exceptionally important. Our complimentary consultations will help us gain an understanding of how to execute your vision while keeping style and practicality in mind. At Red White & Blue Construction we pride ourselves on high-quality design, premium materials, and timely construction for every kitchen and bathroom remodel.

    The role of 3D Design in Remodeling and Renovations

    3D designers create three-dimensional models to bring a design concept to life in a particular space. This involves utilizing computer software to assign key values to your bathroom, kitchen or ADU to understand how every aspect of the project will look when it is executed. 3D designs incorporate everything from color schemes to fixture placements and flooring, in an effort to help clients visualize how their project will look upon completion.

    Designing and planning your remodeling project

    Our in-house designers are here to offer one-on-one professional support and guidance throughout your home renovation. Beginning with architectural and engineering plans, our design staff help with everything from designing a functional and innovative layout to purchasing finish materials like plumbing fixtures, customized cabinetry, flooring and tile. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, while staying on time and on budget.


    Pre-construction planning

    Our design build team will assess your goals, budget, overall concept and feasibility of the project. During this phase it is important to consider potential challenges such as structural feasibility and expectations upon project completion. Our team will do a thorough review of existing structures, the foundation, and plumbing and electrical systems to maximize usability while meeting your design goals.


    Architectural plans

    Our team of architects, structural engineers, project managers and designers will work together to develop a layout for your project.
    Architectural and structural plans will specify the layout and dimensions for your remodeling project. This is why our notable designers work side by side with our architects to draft plans that will support your unique design concept.


    3D rendering and design

    This phase is typically the most enjoyable for our clients. Our designers will guide and support you in choosing everything from color schemes to locations of lighting, fixtures and cabinets. The goal is to keep costs at a minimum while achieving a look and feel that will make you the most comfortable.


    Shopping for finish materials

    Our designers will accompany you to local showrooms to choose plumbing fixtures, flooring, tile and even paint colors. This is the time where you can purchase that soaking tub of your dreams, choose a custom vanity, design the kitchen cabinets you always wanted or purchase stylish tile for your countertops.


    Construction phase

    During construction it is imperative that project managers and designers cooperate to ensure that the work is executed to match the original plans. While problems can arise during this phase, our team will work tirelessly to solve each and every one while adhering to the original vision created by both client and designer.

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