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How much does a full house remodel cost?

In Lafayette, CA and the surrounding bay area, the average full house remodel costs between $60,000 -$300,000. The cost of a full house remodeling project will depend on a variety of factors. Factors include the square footage, the extent of the renovations, the cost of materials, construction and permit fees. When considering how much you should expect to pay for your full house remodel, consider whether you are remodeling a kitchen, bathroom, updating bedrooms, adding additional rooms or upgrading your whole house plumbing or electrical systems. Each option will have its own cost implications.

The true price of a major home remodel, or a “gut renovation” in Lafayette, CA and the Bay Area can range from $250,000 to $650,000, depending on the size and age of a home, and how many repairs will be necessary.

  • Lesser repairs that may be involved in a full house renovation include: Installing new kitchen flooring
  • Repainting the interior of your home Installing a new custom vanity Adding a kitchen island
  • Replacing baseboards and trim Installing new appliances Water heater replacements Custom closets
  • More extensive updates involved in a full home remodeling project include: Removing structural walls or beams
  • Replacing the roof
  • Building an accessory dwelling unit A full kitchen remodel
  • A full bathroom remodel Additional rooms
  • Large scale foundation repairs Whole house electrical rewires

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