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What should I do first in a full house renovation?

The order and scope of any full house renovation will depend on the design preferences and needs of your household. If you are living in the home during the renovation process, you may wish to go room by room, or begin with the bedrooms or kitchen. Many homeowners find it easier to relocate temporarily and have all the work done at the same time. The most important factor is that your home renovation project occurs in a functional sequence of events. This will help with meeting deadlines on time and help ensure a faster completion time. However it is also essential that this sequence of events meet the particular needs of your household. This is why a good project manager who can explain the pros and cons, as well as best practices for the construction process is very important.

There are many reasons to update a home and undertake a full house renovation, these include:

  • Your family is growing
  • Your kitchen is too small
  • You need to expand to increase space and functionally
  • Your home is old and needs major updates
  • Your electrical is unsafe
  • You have leaks
  • Lifestyle changes
  • To make an investment
  • Bedrooms need updating
  • You would like to rent out an accessory dwelling unit or ADU

Since the possibilities are endless regarding where to start a full house renovation, here are some examples of where our clients have chosen to begin:

  • Converting the garage into an ADU (accessory dwelling unit)
  • Kitchen remodel
  • Updating bedrooms
  • Bathroom remodel
  • Roof replacement
  • Building a room addition

At Red White and Blue Construction, we strive to meet the individual needs of each of our clients and create a customized timeline of events to best suit your needs. If you are considering a full house remodel and wondering where to begin, our team of design-build professionals are here to help.

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